2019 Theme

Have you ever felt something incredible, amazing, life changing was going to happen? This is how I feel about 2019!

If you aren’t familiar with story of Esther (in the Bible) let me share with you a quick synopsis…Esther was a Jewish girl being raised by her cousin Mordecai. In Persian (Babylon), there was a king named Achashveyrosh (or Xerxes) and his wife’s name was Vashti.  King Xerxes wanted his wife to show up at a party, and she refused.  The king was furious!  He decided to find a new bride to be his queen.  He ordered a search throughout the kingdom…he sees Esther and saw how beautiful, gracious, and kind she was.  Not long after, he made her his queen!  Mordecai (her cousin) was the leader of the Jews.  The Jews were not well favored, so Mordecai encouraged Esther to hide her faith from the King and his advisors. 
Haman was an advisor to the king and became the Prime Minister of Persia.  He decided that given his rise in power, he would order everyone to bow down to him.  Mordecai refused and it made Haman very angry.  Haman convinced the King to authorize a royal decree to annihilate the Jews.

This is where Queen Esther comes into the picture – word came to Mordecai about this decree.  He sent a message to Esther and told her what Haman was doing.  Mordecai asked Esther to talk to the King on the Jews behalf.

Esther was afraid.  The king had no idea she was Jewish.  Also, you were not suppose to see the king unless he invited you to come see him.  Esther finally mustered up her courage and went to see the king.  She ask if he would join her and Haman for dinner that night.  As they were at dinner, the king asked Esther what he could grant her.  (Long story short) She told everything to the king and saved her people and her cousin from being hanged by Haman.

Her purpose was to become the queen and save the Jewish people.  It was not something she ever expected, but it was what God designed her for.  She must have been so scared at times, but trusted God in each step!

So this brings us to 2019…not sure what it holds, but I am willing to walk the path – step out of my comfort zone – and be present!

I’m excited, scared, motivated… Bring it on 2019

2 thoughts on “2019 Theme”

  1. Like Ester we must put aside our fears and focus on the bigger picture. Our need to be protected and safely hidden may not be God’s plan for us. Stepping out in faith may be the hardest best thing we will ever do.
    Let’s take those brave steps together with Christ as our Guide.

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