Be the Best Version of Yourself (part 1)

As a new year approaches we naturally start thinking back on the previous year and the upcoming year. What did we accomplish, what we didn’t accomplish…where we are headed, and is it in the direction we want!

Ultimately we should determine to be the best version of ourselves in 2019! How do we do this? First you must start internally, then externally (physically and at your place of address). Together we can have a 2019 to be proud of!

I. Internally

Let’s start with the inside! Take time for yourself! You must fuel yourself before you can give to others! How does this look? Maybe it might be a massage, a good workout, a long walk, or just a quiet morning cup of coffee. Take time for yourself to think, plan, dream, reflect!

Secondly, take time to spend with God. You are uber special to God! He created you for a purpose! You are not an accident. God loves to see you enjoy life and enjoy His creation! I like to start each day with God! It just seems to start my day on the “right foot”! My personally preference is YouVersion Bible App (this is not an ad) 🙂 I listen to the plan Come Drink Live 365. It’s calming to listen to plus I complete the Bible in a year!

The other thing I do each and every morning (on the floor in my closet. Yes! I said it – hey there’s little distraction in there) I journal 5 things I’m grateful for and 10 dreams I have as if it has already happened!



  1. Snowy mornings
  2. Fuzzy socks
  3. My husband
  4. Hair day (hair appointment)
  5. Motivational Podcasts

Dreams as if it already happened

  1. I am #1 in sales for my team
  2. I am kind to and about everyone I meet
  3. I am physically fit
  4. i am an exceptional wife and mom …
My “closet journal time”

Focusing on gratitude will only better your perspective on life. Even when it’s hard to be grateful! I’ve been there! When my heart aches and I feel as if there’s nothing to be grateful for, still do it!

I first heard about this when I did the Bible study One Thousand Gifts! This concept intrigued me! Find one thousand things to be thankful for! It has just bettered my life or at least my perspective on life!

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