“Be the Best Version of Yourself (part 2)

As 2019 is just around the corner.

(Or as Sophie says “two more sleeps”.)

We’d make a bigger positive impact on our world if everyone focused more on being the best version of themselves in 2019 vs New Years Resolution – which you usually focus on trying to fix your “problems” from the previous year or years. I mean, how exciting does it sound to focus the first month of a new year on trying to fix “problems”. No thank you! I’ll just focus on being the best version of myself instead!

Part 1 we talked about how to be the best version of yourself Internally…now we dive into the next part which is….

II. Externally

A. Sleep – I would say hands down, the best way to start your “Operation External” would be one word … SLEEP! Yes! Sleep is that important! The human adult body needs 7-8 hours of sleep each night! The benefits are better health and handling stress. I can tell if I’ve had a night or two or five with less sleep I don’t wake up my “chipper” self and I feel it all day. I even find that I eat less healthy on these days. Now I do understand if you have a baby or little one, this is not possible. But second best to 7-8 hours of sleep at night would be take a nap. I authorize you, without feeling guilty, to take a nap! You need sleep!

B. “Your Look”/Style

The next thing in being the best version of yourself is “your look” or style. Okay before you start throwing darts at me, hear me out. You don’t need to look like you stepped out of Vogue each morning (unless you want to look that way). But after you’ve had your good night sleep, you wake up early enough to have your “quiet time”, and now you take those few extra minutes to put your best effort in how you look. Then you are ready to tackle your day! Mondays are my “day off” and I’ve found I’m much more productive by getting up, getting dressed (in something besides leggings), fixing my hair, and putting makeup on. DO IT FOR YOURSELF! Did you know, the average lady catches her reflection in a mirror at least eight times a day. That’s eight times you can give yourself positive or negative affirmations. Which do you think is better for yourself?

When you feel good about yourself, you treat others with more kindness and love! You are giving the best version of YOU!

*I have some fun simple tips in future blogs to help make this easier and less stressful!

C. Personal Care

This my friend, is giving you permission to budget in personal care. For some of you this is a “no brainer” or even a vital part of your life; but others of you may struggle with feeling guilty in spending money on yourself. Girlfriend, you need to stop! Whether the guilt is rooted from a significant other or because your mom never did, you were made to not feel guilty about this. You go to a doctor when you are sick. Right? You go to the dentist when you have a tooth ache. Right? Go to a hair dresser at least 2 times a year!

Years ago we were strapped financially and I was a “stay at home mom”.

(Side note: we were never too poor not to eat out or buy ice cream, just to prove the point that money will appear for what is important.)

My mom had always dyed her hair with a box dye so I knew no difference. So while at WalMart getting groceries I picked a beautiful box of red hair dye. Boy was I excited to add a little pizzazz to my look. To my detriment it turned my hair fire engine red. It was awful! So in tears I begged my husband to go to WalMart and pick me up a different more dark box of hair dye. He came home with a beautiful dark auburn color and I headed to the bathroom to “fix” my problem….BLACK…yes! This is the color my hair turned next! Jet black! So my loving husband headed to WalMart yet again. This time to get blonde. I just needed lightened up. Right? Oh! It was a disaster! Lots of tears were had on this late Friday night. Tony promised it would be okay. But I felt my life was ruined. The next morning he told me to call around and find a salon that could fix my hair. One glorious salon by Edwards theater in Boise had an opening. It cost me $100 and a promise to my husband that I will never buy a box hair dye again. I can’t walk past the hair dye aisle without a chuckle even to this day. And oh how I’ve wanted to warn ladies as they were choosing just the right color.

Maybe you’ve escaped the disaster and have been successful in coloring your own hair. Trust me when I tell you the products at WalMart to dye your hair are not the same as a hair dresser. This is a chemical you are putting on your hair. Unless you are a chemist, leave it to the experts!

Okay, one more area of personal care – nails & toes. You don’t have to get your nails done every two weeks, but budget in a manicure at least once or twice a year. Same with a pedicure. Those cuticles need trimmed and toe jam needs cleaned! Plus I always say a good pedicure adds a year to your life. Especially if they have one of those massage chairs 🙂

III. Your address (aka the place you live)

To be the best version of yourself you need visual order. This means the living and sleeping area of your home to be clutter/stress free. Not saying you need to pass the “white glove” test. What it means is when you walk in the door are you happy to be home? Do you enjoy what you see? When you walk in the kitchen in the morning, does it start your day off right? Or are you annoyed there are still dishes in the sink?

I never understood why my mom was always insistent that the dishes needed to be done after every meal…until I had a home of my own. Or why did we have to clean the house before we went on vacation? She’d always say “if a police or fireman came in while we are gone we wouldn’t want them to see a messy house would we?” One day this actually happened. We lived in Gresham, Oregon. The wind must have blew our front door open. The neighbors called the police. As an eight year old girl I was shocked how right my mom was.

In reality, I know now it is because when you come home from vacation the last thing you want is a messy house. When you open your front door you want to be able to sigh a sigh of relief that your sanctuary awaits!

To sum it up, in being the best version of yourself in 2019, be intentional with the internal things you do and the external things too. These small things can make a world of difference.

So lift your cup of coffee (or tea) up and let’s cheers to an amazing 2019!

Ps comment or message me! I’d love to hear what you are doing in being the best version of yourself!

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