Thriving in the Blahze’ Winter

Winter can be such a dark gloomy time. And if you aren’t careful your style, attitude, and look can take on that same blahze’ feeling. I mean seriously! Some days when it’s cold and the inversion (in Idaho this is what we call smog that hovers over our valley) has set in, you just want to wear your comfty raggedy sweatshirt and well worn sweats…and forget about the hair even getting fixed. Even though it’s what you are feeling at the time, it won’t help your mood. I promise!

Tips for Surviving:

Light those candles! Whether you like real flame candles, artificial candles, or Scentsy (this is not an ad), it’s proven that the glow from these will improve your mood! Plus the fresh smell doesn’t hurt either. Actually did you know they use scents to trigger memories in Alzheimer’s patients! So if certain smells can help them, it can help you. Isn’t it funny when you smell something and it brings you back to your teen years. Salon Selectives smell takes me to teen camp! Shout out to Camp Northwest (because all the cool girls used Salon Selectives Lol) Or Exclamation perfume… HELLO early 90’s!

Treat Yo-self!  Rumor has it that January is a great month to shop. (Don’t tell you Significant Other that I said that! Haha) Find something that makes you feel like a million dollars. Okay DON’T purchase something that a millionaire would buy, but something in your budget. Instead of coffee at the drive-thru for the next week or two, or instead of fast food this month, buy a cute pair of booties/a new necklace/ a new sweater/ a hot new purse….Often time one new item can energize your desire to look your best which in turns help you feel your best! Don’t know what to get? Either go see what “speaks to you” at the stores OR hop on pinterest or google “Winter Style”.

Plan for the best! Planning actually makes your life easier! I have learned that planning meals for the week, helps my week go so much better! Sunday evening is what works for me. I look at our week’s schedule and plan what we are eating for dinner. If I’m on my “A Game” I will plan our other meals too. But let’s just talk dinner. After I plan what meals we will have, I grab a cookie sheet, go out into the garage “meat freezer”. I find what meat we already have and set it on the cookie sheet in the garage fridge. I discovered that if the meat is defrosted or almost defrosted, we will not be as tempted to “just grab something” on the way home from work. Then I hop on grocery pick up and place my grocery order for pick up the next day. Give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to grocery pick up!!! Can I get an “Amen”! LOL
On my day off, or on a Saturday, I will make a breakfast casserole or breakfast burritos. Not for every day, because that gets boring, but for at least 2 days the next week.
Now maybe it was because I grew up in a house of 7 and there wasn’t many left overs, but I LOVE left overs. Or maybe because it’s one less meal I have to be creative and make. So I love to plan at least 1 meal for the week large enough so that we will have left overs. Or even enough left overs for lunch.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Soup (we love Ham Cheddar Chowder)
  • Pinto Beans (can be for beans & cornbread, and then chili)
  • Roast
  • Pulled Pork
  • Tacos…then Taco Salad the next day
  • Rotisserie Chicken from Costco (not an ad)

Last tip on Planning – Sunday nights is also when my husband and I “Game Plan”. I can let him know my schedule and I know his. Then we “divide and conquer” the week. He knows which nights I need him to cook dinner and I know which night’s I’m in charge of dinner. If we are both busy, we know then that Autumn, our daughter, is making dinner for her a Sophie. This also helps when deciding the meals too. I know my husband LOVES to make eggs and he’s a softy so he lets the girls choose what they want for dinner (many times it’s Ramen Noodles or Quesadillas). I don’t get my “panties in a wad”; I am just glad they are eating. Or to make life “simpler” if he has a busy day, I will plan ahead for the crockpot or instapot “easy dinner”.

Finally…TO SURVIVE THE WINTER BLAHZE‘ … inspired from the movie What About Bob … TAKE A VACATION! Schedule when you are taking your Spring Break Vacation or Summer Vacation. Nothing is better than envisioning that warm beach in Aruba, or a fun cabin in McCall. Life is short, take that vacation. Note: but vacations don’t just happen…you have to plan! Get out your calendar now and mark those dates off!

Lastly, SPRING IS COMING! Make these next few winter months count!

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