Fashion Style 101

What emotions do you have when you hear the word fashion or style?
Do you get overwhelmed? Start sweating? Want to run?
Or do you get excited? Want to learn? Love Style?

Whatever you are feeling, I hope these fun tips will help you in some way, shape, or form! Because the truth of the matter is, we all have a style. Yours may be thought out and planned….or….maybe not! Maybe you never even thought “What is my style?”

Finding your style
Just like our fingerprints or DNA, we all have our own style. Now you can browse other peoples style to eclectically find your own style, but embracing who you are is so important! Also your own style will evolve and continue to evolve. Actually I should say, your style SHOULD evolve and continue to evolve. Styles change and even if you aren’t a “New York style chaser” it should have at least a slow change. Here’s a good test: look at pictures of yourself 5-10 years ago….are you still wearing the same items? Or are there some pictures you are thinking “what was I thinking”? LOL Or “Phew…I’m glad that style is gone!”
If you know what your style is, skip this next section. But if are clueless…here are some tips:
Search Pinterest – My style/Fashion for Spring/Winter Style….
Start a “My Style” Board and pin items that you feel are your style. Here’s an important tip. When you see a look you like ask yourself “Do I like this look or just like that the gal is skinny or curvy or tan or blond….” Squint your eyes and imagine that outfit on your body shape. If it’s a keeper, pin it!
Check out Youtube – Style haul/Maurices haul/Ross haul…
Search your favorite store and then the word “haul”. There’s even a WalMart haul :). Make a list or note of items you really liked. I saw a Fall WalMart haul and fell in love with some animal print booties. I went to WalMart and couldn’t find them…so I hopped on Amazon and found a pair for under $20. It took awhile to get them, since they came from China, but they are SO comfortable and I love them!
Look at your friends – Typically your friends live in your region and area and that shapes the style you choose. Now just because you live in the country doesn’t mean you have to embrace country style, especially if you don’t like it! But it also doesn’t mean you dress like you are walking the runway in New York. Some of your friends may have a style that you are like “I know 100% that is not my style!” Great! It’s the process of elimination!

Hair and Makeup
We’ll dive into this more another time, but for now, as you are discovering your style, make note of what hair style and makeup style you are drawn to.
Hair – Do you like the look of a bob? Easy & exact! Or precise defined curls? Or carefree waves? Or are you more of a “boho chic” where a messy bun or loose braid are your style? Or do you like to have your hair style match your clothing style for the day? (dressy, casual, ball cap & tshirt)
Make up – Do you like the natural looking makeup? Or the “God gave us color, and I embrace it” type makeup? Maybe you don’t even know how to do your make up. (Free tip: search Youtube and Pinterest! When I get a new eye shadow palette, I search to see how Youtubers wear it.)

Closet Staples
Once you figure out your style and what you are comfortable with, here are some closet staples you need to have:
* Jeans (I suggest classy jeans and more casual jeans)
* Black dress pants (check out Ponte pants…its your blend of comfort meets job standards)
* Colored Jeggings (Olive or Cranberry are my current favorite)
* Skirt (research the best shape for your body. You can’t go wrong with a Midi Skirt – they are the most flattering for every shape)
* LBD – Little Black dress (have one casual and one dressy)
* Wrap Dress (this can look great with a nice dress pump, flats, or knee boots)
* Tunic or t-shirt dress (these can be worn with leggings or if long enough, solo in the summer time)
* White Button Down Dress Shirt
* Chambray Shirt (fancy word for a jean shirt)
* Jean Jacket
* Black crop Jacket
* Knit sweater (can be layered on top of the button down or under a jacket)
* Plaid Shirt
* Graphic T (these are just fun right now)
* Solid t-shirt or tank (get in as many colors as you like, but at least white and black)
* Shoes: Pumps, Flats, Wedge, Booties, canvas sneakers (tip: save athletic sneakers for athletic activity, not everyday wear)
* Scarf, layering necklaces, stylish coat (nothings worse than a super cute outfit and then your mom’s ski jacket)

Purge Your Closet
Don’t be tempted to keep things that aren’t your style…donate them. There are many great local organizations that would love your donations. (I personally take mine to Love INC. here in Nampa)
The less clutter and misc. items in your closet, the simpler the job will be in putting together just the right outfits.
Ask for help! Whether you bribe or flatter a friend to help you, or you hire me, get the help needed! If you are just feeling lost, ask for help! However, make sure your “help” will give you honest opinions and not be a “yes man!”

Don’t fall for Clearance
Clearance can be awesome if you find that white button down that you’ve been looking for. However, it can also be a time and money waster if you buy something just because it’s $5.99 on clearance.

For more help finding your style, contact me via this blog, or

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