I don’t have anything to wear!

Have you ever heard yourself saying this? “I have nothing to wear!” I have battled with it often in the past. However, I have found some tips that really help this problem!

1. Sort out that closet! This first tip may not be brain science but it’s so helpful. Twice a year (at the season change – from hot to cold & visa versa) I “flip my closet”. I have severe ADD and so less choices is always better especially if I don’t have to look past 5 sleeveless tops, 3 pairs of shorts, a sundress, and swimsuit coverup to find my blush cashmere sweater.

I pack away all of the previous seasons items, including shoes. While packing them all away, I purge. If I didn’t wear it that season, it must go. If it has holes that can’t be repaired or wearing signs…”bye Felicia!”

Note: a good rule of thumb is if you bought 10 items that season, get rid of at least 10 items while packing it away.

I also purge items when I bring them out for the season. Maybe styles have changed or if my body shape changed. 🤪

Also sort your clothes in categories. I’m a partial “type A” personality. I organize by items and styles but not so much color…except black – I do lump those together. Example: I have sundresses, short sleeve dresses, and then maxi dresses.

2. Create a picture file. Okay this has revolutionized my world! (I can’t remember where I got this idea but if I did, I’d give you credit)

Let me paint the picture for you: one day you randomly put an outfit on and rush off to work, school, or church…you feel amazing! You literally feel like you could run the world! (Insert song Run the World by Beyoncé) You are rocking it! You must snap a full length mirror selfie ASAP. No! not to post on Social Media BUT to put in a special photo album on your phone called “Outfits”.

I’ve done this for years and love it. On those days that you have no clue what to wear or you (are like me) and can’t remember what you wore that one day when your look was on point … you now have “evidence”. (aka outfit pics)

Confession time: I have laid in bed for those 5 extra minutes and picked out what I wanted to wear that day just by looking through my outfit album!

This album will come in handy when you are trying to remember what you wore when the boss came to town last time for dinner. Or last summer what you wore that was so cute! Also when you have that cute outfit, but can’t remember what shoes or jewelry you paired with it!

(Okay don’t go viral! Lol 😂 But here’s a screen shot of some of my fall/winter outfits. Don’t judge items in background or spots on the mirror)

I hope this helps your “I have nothing to wear” issues. Feel free to message me any wardrobe or outfit issues you have. I’d love to help!



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