Simple Do’s and Don’t in Fashion

How many times have you read a Do and Don’t fashion article and thought “I’d rather “don’t” all of that! Maybe it’s living in Idaho that has drifted me off and away from the New York Style trends, but I love my casual, confident, comfortable Idaho style.

No matter where you live, these tips can help you!

We are smack in the middle of spring and heading towards summer, so some of these tips may not be seasonally appropriate, but let me help you with some biggies to keep in mind!

1. Booties 101…

Don’t tuck your pants in your booties. (Booties as in your ankle boots.) This is not a look you want, nor is it flattering.

Do roll your pants so there is an inch or two of leg showing between your pants and your booties. This will give the illusion that your legs are longer than they really are.

(Note: Do the same with long sleeve shirts to give the illusions that your arms are longer)

2. Proper socks…

Don’t wear a sock that can be seen when wearing your ankle booties, canvas shoes, converse tennis shoes, or flats!

Do buy proper socks. Not all socks work for all shoes! Amazon has specific ankle socks that are just perfect for ankle booties, canvas shoes & tennis shoes!) (Bambu is the brand that I like the best) The ankle socks for these shoes hint right at your ankle and the bend in your foot. For flats, get some no show socks that would just barely cover your toes.

3. Athletic shoes…

Please! Please! Don’t wear “years gone” by athletic shoes in public. Save these for the garden if you must! Especially not with “everyday clothes”. Rule of thumb – you should buy a new pair of tennis shoes each year. For style and proper fit. Ps Just because you need comfort, doesn’t mean you wear your old, worn out, tennis shoes to work at your desk job. This is a big pet peeve of mine.

Do get a comfortable, cute pair of canvas shoes, or converse, or even a cute pair of tennis shoes (not the kind you’d mow your lawn in).

I truly believe you can be cute and comfortable! However keep in mind that if you have a stylish blouse, you may want to skip the athletic shoes and opt for a pair of flats or sexy sandals. Use the casual shoes for a graphic T or a tank top or a flannel shirt…

4. Layers…

Don’t skip wearing a tank top if your shirt is a little sheer or if you are you planning on wearing a long necklace. Tank tops will create a smooth fitted surface that will flatter your shape. It will also prevent a “valley” for your long necklace to fall into. A tank top that peeks out below your shirt, can break up the eye or add a pop of color!

Do think layers. Do update your tank tops each year. (Especially the white ones. You don’t want a dingy white peeking through) Do throw out tank tops that don’t fit properly.

5. Seasonal Colors….

Even though you don’t have to follow the “wear white after Memorial Day” rule, you DO want your spring and summer wardrobe to mimic the colors of the season.

I save my maroons, earth tones, and darker colors for fall and winter. Note: If I want to wear a black top in spring or summer, I’ll pair it with white pants, capris, or a skirt and summery jewelry. Maybe a bold turquoise, a pop of white, or long geode pendant.

6. What does your silhouette say about you?

In Kindergarten I remember a teacher doing our silhouettes. We had a projector, a chair, and a black sheet if bulletin board paper. I sat facing forward as the projector shone brightly on my side profile. The teacher carefully traced my facial silhouette on the blank paper. (Later to cute it out as a treasure for my mom on graduation day.)

How would your silhouette look if they did that but to your entire body? Are you clothes too curvy and revealing every lump, bump, and dimple? Or do you look frumpy with no shape because your clothes are loose and hang on you like a sack of potatoes?

Balance your silhouette! If you are wearing a loose peplum style blouse on the top, wear a fitted skinny jean or pencil skirt on the bottom.

If you are wearing a fitted bodysuit or tank top or graphic t on the top, then opt for a loose boyfriend jean or palooza style pant for the bottom,

Have a “maternity style” long top or dress? Opt for a pencil belt right on the rib cage to create a curve.

7. Can I get your opinion?

Do ask those close to you what they would change about your wardrobe and what they love about your style.

Don’t be offended. Take their advice into consideration. The things your don’t want to change…don’t. Embrace them as your style. However the things you think are portraying you the way you don’t want, change it. Sometimes it’s the little tweaking that makes all the difference!

What are your favorite Do’s and Don’ts?